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I launched Américaine in France shortly before leaving for Paris. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to work for a period of time, I figured blogging would be a great hobby to keep me out of trouble when I wasn’t actively battling French administration. Like many people, I had no idea how much time and effort goes into the various aspects of creating and sustaining a blog, but I’ve been enjoying the learning process so much. I’ve always loved being a student.

But the best part of this blogging experience? The community. I am overwhelmed by the support that I have been so lucky to receive. Honestly, I appreciate every comment, email, and share. I love the discussion as much as the words of encouragement. Thank you for celebrating with me, for sharing the frustration, and for laughing along the way. I am truly grateful.

Highlights From Year One

I just re-read my blog post celebrating one month in France, and to steal an expression from my dear friend Clay—Wowzer! That seems like a long time ago. This has been a crazy year, not just personally, but also on a global level. From being locked down in Paris during a pandemic to seeing Paris come back to life, greater visibility for the Black Lives Matter movement, and let’s not even talk about the current political climate… Well, I expected my first year living in France to be challenging, but after this, I think I can probably handle anything!

It wasn’t all bad of course. I visited museums, got invited on a tour of the Catacombs, and went up the Eiffel Tower for the first time. We didn’t travel much this past year, for obvious reasons, but we did manage a few trips in France. Fortunately, we were also able to visit with family and friends over the holidays in the States. Oh, yea! And the biggest adventure of all—Jonathan and I got married!

Obviously, there was a lot to figure out administrative-wise in France. It may not seem like much, but in one year, I survived a weird medical exam, opened a bank account, and enrolled in the national healthcare system. For the grand finale to cap off Year One, I was approved for my carte de séjour “vie privée et familiale,” a residence permit, which will grant me the right to live and work in France for one more year! Woohoo!

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Blog Stats

The top keyword used to find my blog this past year was “dating a frenchman,” and the other popular keywords were very similar!

51% of readers are from the United States, 19% are from France, followed by the UK, Canada, and Australia

65% of readers are female

Top 3 posts, based on number of views:

  1. 7 Signs You’re Dating (or Married To) a Frenchman
  2. 5 French Food Habits I’ve Embraced
  3. How to Open a French Bank Account

Top 3 posts with the most comments, which were also the first 3 posts that I wrote!

  1. Marrying for Papers
  2. What Are You Going to Do With All Your Stuff?
  3. Long-Stay Visa for France

Honorable Mention: Our Paris Love Story

What’s Next?

I love blogging, and I’m going to keep on doing it! A few days ago, I applied to open up my own company in France so that I can free-lance and blog professionally. It’s hard to know exactly what this next year will bring, but I’m excited to take this blog to the next level. While I have several specific goals in mind, the biggest one is simply to keep growing this community, providing value and entertainment for those who want to join me for the ride.

Thank you again for being here. How did you first find my blog? Do you have a favorite post from this past year? Leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you.

One Year Blog Anniversary
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8 thoughts on “One Year Blog Anniversary

  • September 5, 2020 at 5:41 pm

    Congrats and we would love to hear what it’s like to file to open your own business in France.

    • September 6, 2020 at 9:32 am

      Thank you, Ciara. I’m planning on a step-by-step guide for the process that I went through. I applied to open an auto-entreprise, which is meant to be for a small, one-person business. It was fairly straightforward. (Well… we’ll see if I get approved 😅) I imagine it’s more complicated to open a bigger company. Are you planning on doing freelance work, or do you have your sights set on something bigger?

      • September 6, 2020 at 9:59 am

        Thanks, Ellen. I’m actually planning to move there with my company but am curious about it. So no rush!

        • September 6, 2020 at 10:22 am

          Got it. Yes, I remember you mentioning that you work for a company that was founded in Paris. Well, it’s always good to know your options 🙂

  • September 6, 2020 at 10:16 am

    Congratulations! What a great journal of everything that has happened in the past year. I do love your posts about cultural differences, like your top 2 posts and the one where Jonathan tried American food. Looking forward to reading more and seeing where year two takes you.

    • September 6, 2020 at 10:27 am

      Thank you, Brittany! Yea, looking back on everything from this year was really nice, and even with the negatives mixed in, it was cool to see what we’ve been through.
      The cultural posts tend to be very popular, especially when Jonathan is featured! I was literally brainstorming some ideas with him the other day. I will give the public what it wants! 😅

  • September 7, 2020 at 3:18 pm

    Happy first anniversary!!! This past years has been full of discoveries and also difficulties…
    I love the way you share your personal experience and want to help others going through the same French red tape as you… French administration is very, very slow to improve so there is a lot of space and opportunities to help others nailing it! All the best for this new blog year! I’ll be happy to follow what you are up to!

    • September 10, 2020 at 9:59 am

      Thank you, Mademoiselle Guiga! I appreciate you taking the time to leave such an encouraging comment. Wishing you all the best with your blog as well! 🙂


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