10 Little Ways Paris Has Changed in the Past 15 Years

Two lattes in cups on saucers, side by side on a wooden table in a café in Paris with a view out the window of a rainy day

I first lived in Paris in 2009 as an undergraduate student. Since then, I’ve traveled to and stayed in the capital multiple times before calling the city my home a few years ago. It’s been interesting to see firsthand how Paris has evolved over time. Here’s a list of some little changes that have stood out to me over the course of the last 15 years.

5 Culture Shocks at the Doctor’s Office in France

Side view of female doctor's hands placed on laptop computer. Blue stethoscope on the table next to the computer.

As an American living in France, I’ve noticed many differences between healthcare in the United States and France. Going to the doctor in France is a cultural experience in and of itself. By now, I’ve been to several different types of health professionals in France, from general doctors to specialists. Here are some culture shocks I’ve personally experienced at the doctor’s office in France.

Online Renewal of “Vie privée et familiale” Visa or Carte de Séjour

10 year carte de résident (residence permit) as the spouse of a French citizen, obtained after renewing the carte de séjour vie privée et familiale

Wondering how to request and renew the carte de séjour “vie privée et familiale” (CdS VPF) using the new online procedure? As the spouse of a French citizen, I recently went through the process of renewing my VPF card and have detailed my entire experience in this post. Additionally, I was approved, not only to renew my right to stay in France but was also granted the 10-year carte de résident as the spouse of a French citizen.