Online Renewal of “Vie privée et familiale” Visa or Carte de Séjour

10 year carte de résident (residence permit) as the spouse of a French citizen, obtained after renewing the carte de séjour vie privée et familiale

Wondering how to request and renew the carte de séjour “vie privée et familiale” (CdS VPF) using the new online procedure? As the spouse of a French citizen, I recently went through the process of renewing my VPF card and have detailed my entire experience in this post. Additionally, I was approved, not only to renew my right to stay in France but was also granted the 10-year carte de résident as the spouse of a French citizen.

The Carte Vitale: Scams to Avoid & FAQs

green carte vitale which gives access to the French health insurance program

As expats living in France, we are far more susceptible to potential phishing scams, all the more so when we are desperate to finally have that elusive carte vitale we’ve heard so much about! Watch out for these common carte vitale scams and read the answers to these FAQs carefully so that you can determine the legitimacy of texts, emails, and phone calls you may receive from the French health insurance program (Assurance Maladie).

International Driving Permit for French Driver’s License

French international driving permit booklet

Since I am no longer a US resident, I no longer hold an American driver’s license. This made me wonder… what will I do when I return to the United States to visit family and friends and I need to drive a car? Can I drive and/or rent a car in the USA with my French driver’s license? The short answer… yes! For all the details and requirements, including how to request an International Driver’s Permit to accompany your French license, read on!

Traveling to the United States With Your French Partner

American passport and French passport side by side

If you are an American citizen traveling to the United States of America with your French partner, there are certain considerations that you should keep in mind. Afterall, different nationalities come with different passports which, in turn, come with different restrictions. Here’s a look at what it’s like traveling to the U.S. with your French partner, from applying for an ESTA to passing through customs.