Two Weeks Down, Two Weeks to Go: Américaine in Lockdown

view from Paris apartment

In this post, I will give you a quick overview detailing the progression of Coronavirus-related regulations in France, followed by my personal thoughts and experiences during the first couple of weeks in lockdown. If you’re not currently in the right headspace to look at anything Coronavirus-related right now, I encourage you to do whatever your mind and body need at this time. Go look at cat memes and do some yoga, or eat that bag of chips. There will be no judgement, and I won’t be offended either. If, however, you are ready for the perspective of someone quarantined in Paris, read on…

7 Paris Grocery Store Disappointments

peanut butter selection in Paris grocery store

When travelling, I think you should do your best to try new things and embrace the culture that surrounds you. However, now that I’m trying to make France my home, I have a slightly different view when going to the grocery store. I have yet to truly explore specialty stores, like co-ops and ethnic markets, but here are a few things that I have to get used to when shopping at the typical grocery store in Paris.