Things I Bring Back to France From the United States

Grandma's molasses and Crisco shortening; things to bring to France

I’m sharing my personal list of things that I bring back to France from the United States of America. Every time I’m back in the States, I reference this list so that I can stock up on my favorite food products, ingredients for cooking and baking, personal hygiene items, and pharmaceuticals. This list started out as a note in my phone and here it is now, in all its glory!

Emily in Paris: A Successful Disappointment

Eiffel Tower illuminated at night, SETE – illuminations Pierre Bideau

This Netflix series follows Emily, an ambitious young American woman from Chicago with a questionable sense of fashion, as she moves to Paris thanks to an unexpected job opportunity. It’s her first time in Europe, and I couldn’t help but feel excited for her wide-eyed initial encounter with the City of Light. Later on, as an American living in Paris myself, I couldn’t help but feel irritated by her overall ignorance and naïveté.

Two Weeks Down, Two Weeks to Go: Américaine in Lockdown

view from Paris apartment

In this post, I will give you a quick overview detailing the progression of Coronavirus-related regulations in France, followed by my personal thoughts and experiences during the first couple of weeks in lockdown. If you’re not currently in the right headspace to look at anything Coronavirus-related right now, I encourage you to do whatever your mind and body need at this time. Go look at cat memes and do some yoga, or eat that bag of chips. There will be no judgement, and I won’t be offended either. If, however, you are ready for the perspective of someone quarantined in Paris, read on…