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Last Updated: October 2021

A Francophile is someone who really loves and admires France and the French. This can include a strong interest in French culture, history, art, literature, food, lifestyle, and/or the French language.

Do you consider yourself a Francophile? Read on to see how your obsession of all things France stacks up.

two pigeons cuddling with the Eiffel Tower in the distance
Don’t worry—a love of pigeons is not a pre-requisite for being a Francophile.
  • When you’re feeling uninspired about what to make for dinner, a baguette, some cheese, and a bottle of wine will forever be your go-to.
  • Your friends can always count on you to bring a charcuterie board to the potluck.
  • One of your favorite gifts ever was a set of Laguiole knives for your aforementioned famous charcuterie board. 
  • You know the proper way to cut cheese, and you frown upon those who leave the delicious moldy bits behind.
  • You are not frightened at the sight of escargots, frog legs, or cow tongue. 
  • You weirdly prefer mayonnaise with your French fries. Miam !
  • You have an annoying habit of pronouncing croissant and crêpe, well, like they should be pronounced. 
  • The smell of fresh bread instantly brings you back to your study-abroad glory days in France.
  • Authentic French bakeries in the States may not be easy to find but you know the location of all the best ones within a 100km radius of your home. (Et ben non, you won’t be needing anyone to convert that into miles for you.) 
  • You’ve attempted making macarons. More than once.
  • You cringe whenever you hear someone pronounce it “macaroons.”
  • You own a madeleine mold. The madeleines came out better than the macarons
  • You’ve since enrolled yourself in a French pastry class.
  • You’ve seriously considered reading Les Misérables in its entirety, but ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • You’ve watched great classics such as Jules & Jim, Les Choristes, Amélie, Les Intouchables, and Au revoir, les enfants.
  • You have a subscription to TV5Monde. 
  • You own a tricolore, and it is proudly hanging on your porch. 
  • You can sing La Marseillaise on command (or at least the first verse and refrain).
  • You have a surprisingly large collection of Eiffel Towers in various forms. It is a common game for invited guests to find and count all of the Eiffel Towers in your home.
  • If it has French writing on it, you’re buying it. Yes, you’ll take all the fleur-de-lis embellished items as well.
c'est la vie coffee mug
  • You own at least one marinière
  • Your favorite fashion accessory is a well-draped scarf, year-round.
  • You own a béret.
French teacher dressed up for Halloween as an Eiffel Tower
  • You’ve dressed up for Halloween as your favorite French monument or famous person.
  • An ideal Sunday morning includes heading to the local farmer’s market marché before meeting up with your French conversation group in a coffee shop café.
  • You are, of course, a member of your local Alliance Française. 
  • To you, July 4th signals the approach of July 14th—la Fête nationale.
  • No trip to Europe is complete without a layover in France. 
  • You’ve low-key stalked people that you heard speaking in French on the street.
  • You then proceeded to not-so-low-key introduce yourself to those random people on the street.
  • Your favorite class in school was French.
  • In high school, you headed the French club and/or National French Honor Society.
  • Your pet has a French name. (True story, I had a hamster named Jean-Claude.) 
  • You adore the custom of la bise.
  • You have a tendency to insert French words into daily conversation and assume that other people will understand you.

So, how much of a Francophile are you?

40+ Signs You Might Be a Francophile
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