What It’s Like Going to the Gynecologist in France

three women standing in a line with their arms around each other and their backs to the camera, staring off into a field of tulips

Are you nervous about going to the gynecologist in France? I completely understand. I was anxious about it, too! (Particularly when I heard about the *no gown* situation 😬) Here’s everything you need to know about going to the French gynecologist, including my personal experience of getting my first well-woman exam in France, so that you have a better idea of what to expect for your first time!

6 American Things That Surprised My French Husband

American flag on a Line L New York City subway car

Ever wonder what the United States of America looks like through the eyes of a French person?

My French husband, Jonathan, has visited the United States multiple times at this point. He’s no longer shocked by what he sees. However, there are a number of things that initially stood out to him regarding American culture and norms. Here are some things that my French husband found surprising when he first encountered them in the USA.

The Carte Vitale: Scams to Avoid & FAQs

green carte vitale which gives access to the French health insurance program

As expats living in France, we are far more susceptible to potential phishing scams, all the more so when we are desperate to finally have that elusive carte vitale we’ve heard so much about! Watch out for these common carte vitale scams and read the answers to these FAQs carefully so that you can determine the legitimacy of texts, emails, and phone calls you may receive from the French health insurance program (Assurance Maladie).

International Driving Permit for French Driver’s License

French international driving permit booklet

Since I am no longer a US resident, I no longer hold an American driver’s license. This made me wonder… what will I do when I return to the United States to visit family and friends and I need to drive a car? Can I drive and/or rent a car in the USA with my French driver’s license? The short answer… yes! For all the details and requirements, including how to request an International Driver’s Permit to accompany your French license, read on!

10 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’ve Lived Abroad

blond woman wearing blue turquoise teeshirt and jeans, looking out over the Canal Saint-Martin on a summer day in Paris

Living abroad is an incredible opportunity and I feel very fortunate to have been able to make it my reality. There are certain aspects of life abroad that you can only truly understand if you’ve lived abroad yourself. If you’ve ever moved away from your home country to experience a life abroad, you will certainly be able to identify with many of the realizations and truths on this list.