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Last Updated: July 18, 2023

When you’re thousands of miles apart and you can’t be together, Mother’s Day might look a bit different than what you’re used to. If you’re in need of ideas, here are a few creative and unique ways you can make Mom feel special even when you are celebrating Mother’s Day long distance. 

large bouquet of Mother's Day flowers including fuchsia lilies, orange roses, white daisies, light pink carnations, green sprigs of leaves

Send Flowers or Plants

When I think of a classic Mother’s Day gift, I immediately think of a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a hanging plant. Support a local greenhouse or florist by scheduling a surprise delivery of a flower arrangement or an indoor plant. For the gardening mothers, you can also send outdoor plants, aromatic herbs, or even some good quality compost.

If you’re of a sarcastic nature like me, you’ll appreciate that I can say that I once gave my mother sh*t for Mother’s Day.

one potted snake plant and two pots of lemongrass sitting on top of a bag of high-quality manure compost, all delivered from a local greenhouse for Mother's Day
❤️ Nothing says “I love you” like a large bag of high-quality manure ❤️ 

Create a Personalized Keepsake

  • My mom is a list-maker, so I knew this 52 Lists for Happiness would be a winner. To make it unique, I added annotations on sticky notes throughout the book. For example, I wrote, “Momma, you’re beautiful!” on a list of compliments received, and I, of course, added my own name under the list of people who make her feel happy 😏 
  • After a recent family trip to Scotland, I created a personalized photo collage puzzle for my puzzle-loving Momma. Shutterfly made it so easy to upload pictures into a photo gallery template online. The hardest part was choosing my favorite pics. Mom loved the quality of the puzzle!
  • Write letters to your mom that can be opened later and cherished always. In this little booklet, there are several prompts to get you started in sharing memories and gratitude. In this day and age, a handwritten note truly is special! 
  • Perhaps one of my favorite gifts to my mom: a sentimental heart map print showing that distance is just a number. Jonathan and I opted for the wrapped canvas but the print options look nice as well!
White canvas personalized gift with text: "Family: Always together, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart." Below text, on the left, is a gray image of the United States and a red heart on the east coast indicating "Momma." On the right is a gray image of France with a red heart in Paris indicating "Ellen & Jonathan." In between the two hearts is a dotted line indicated that there are 3,547 miles in between these two places.

Cook a Meal Together

In my family, Mother’s Day has always included a meal together. Just because you are far away doesn’t mean that you can’t still do that. Plan to share a virtual meal and/or do some simultaneous cooking over a video call. Choose a family recipe you love or perhaps one you’d like to learn how to make.

One year, we made asparagus risotto—a great springtime dish! For both of us, it was our first time making risotto, so it was a shared learning experience. Now I think of this meal when Mother’s Day comes around.

a cooking scene with chopped shallots in a frying pan, chopped asparagus and parsley waiting on a cutting board, a sliced lemon, and a laptop computer open with a videocall and a recipe on the screen for a long-distance Mother's Day celebration

Take a Virtual Class

You don’t need to be physically in the same room to make new memories and have shared experiences. Consider your mother’s interests and hobbies. Is there a virtual class, workshop, or event that you can attend with each other? It doesn’t necessarily have to happen on Mother’s Day but can be a date that you set in advance.

My mom has always wanted to master making gnocchi, so I did some research and found an online cooking class through Nonna Live. We got to learn how to make these fluffy pillows along with a pesto sauce from an Italian grandmother. After the class, we enjoyed our meal together.

What are some creative ways you’ve made mom feel special when celebrating Mother’s Day long distance?

Long-Distance Mother’s Day: Ideas for Celebrating
Long-Distance Mother’s Day: Ideas for CelebratingLong-Distance Mother’s Day: Ideas for CelebratingLong-Distance Mother’s Day: Ideas for CelebratingLong-Distance Mother’s Day: Ideas for Celebrating

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