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Last Updated: November 8, 2023

Are you looking for gift ideas for the frequent travelers in your life? I’ve put together a list of gifts that aim to make travel more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. These are practical gifts that will actually be used and would make a great present for a birthday or the holidays!

Travel Backpacks—Osprey

The Osprey Daylite Backpack is the perfect size for a full day of exploring. Jonathan has owned this trusty bag for longer than he’s known me! (FYI, we met in 2016!)

man with Osprey daylite backpack walking towards the Grotte des fées in Dinard, France
Here’s a picture of Jonathan influencing you to buy his favorite backpack brand.

Recently, I purchased the Fairview 40 to use as a carry-on bag. (The Farpoint 40 is the men’s version of this backpack.) You could technically go up a size, but I think this option has the optimal dimensions for most flights, including budget airlines. I also really like the zippered quick access to the padded laptop area. When going through airport security, it’s so much easier to slide electronics out of here than to fight with a traditional suitcase and hold up the line.

women with Osprey Fairview 40 backpack standing in front of a metro station in Porto, Portugal
My new carry-on backpack made its debut on a 10-day trip to Portugal!

Travel Gear

Electronic Luggage Scale

Not to brag… but my checked luggage has never been overweight 💁🏼‍♀️ I’ve had this scale for years and have only needed to change the battery once.


A handy little tracking device, a set of AirTags would be pragmatic for the iPhone-equipped traveler. Pop one in each of your bags before jetting off on your next adventure so that you can easily keep track of and locate your luggage.

Portable Charger

Anker products are long-lasting and durable. Nearly all of my cords and cables are from this company because I truly believe that they are the best!

Here is the charger that we bring with us on literally every trip. It is powerful enough to charge more than one device at a time! We’ve been known to go away for an entire weekend and never once plug our phones into a wall charger.

iphone hooked up to portable charger on a table with coffee mugs nearby

International Power Adapter Plug

In many cases, you really don’t need a bulky, heavy convertor to plug in your electronics when traveling these days. The voltage on most modern electronics that you are using (i.e. cell phone) will be able to handle a range. Of course, this does depend on where you are going and what you are planning on plugging in.

For my travels between the United States and France, a simple plug adapter has largely been sufficient for my needs. At this point, I have a small collection of this type of travel plug! It’s nice to have a few—they would make a great stocking stuffer!

When looking for an international adapter plug, consider selecting one with USB ports. It makes it so much easier to plug in multiple devices this way while still keeping the plug small and portable! This simple US to European travel plug is what I would select.

Secure Internet Connection—VPN Subscription

When your IT husband looks on with horror as you nonchalantly hook up to public Wi-Fi in the airport, you realize that you’ve made a mistake. I’ll admit that I truly never gave a thought to my data being hacked while on public Wi-Fi, but when he told me how easy it is to do for someone with the know-how, that certainly made me think twice!

Now, I never connect to public Wi-Fi without turning on my VPN first whether I’m on my phone or computer. NordVPN is easy to set up and start using which is important for someone not-so-techsavvy, like me! Turn it on with just a click. One subscription can secure multiple devices, so it’s feasible to share with your partner and/or family members.

Travel Experiences—GetYourGuide Gift Card

Experiences are the ultimate gift to give! With GetYourGuide, you can find tours and activities in destinations around the world. It’s an easy way to check out unique experiences and good deals for a particular city or country all in one spot.

When we were in Porto, Portugal, we booked a last-minute wine tour in the Douro Valley for a great price. This small-group excursion included transportation, vineyard visits, wine tastings, scenic stops, lunch, and a river cruise. It was a definite highlight of our trip.

amazing view of Douro valley vineyards built into the hills during a wine tour in the summer
Douro Valley (Portugal)

From gourmet food tours and wine tastings to museum passes and skip-the-line tickets to horseback riding and safari trekking, it’s safe to say that a GetYourGuide gift card will go to good use.

International Driving Guides—Tripiamo

For travelers looking to roam beyond the basic tourist destinations and break free from the limitations of public transportation, Tripiamo is the ideal resource. Driving a car or motorbike in a foreign country can be stressful and overwhelming, but Tripiamo makes it manageable and safe through expert tutorial videos and on-the-go PDFs.

Jonathan and I found tons of helpful information in the UK All Transit Modes Guide particularly regarding road signs and markings on the street. The mental practice of watching the 360° driving tours was invaluable in giving me the confidence to drive on the left side of the road. Don’t believe me? See the picture proof here.

Tripiamo currently offers driving guides for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, with plans to expand to other countries. Gift cards are available!

Gift Ideas for Travelers
Gift Ideas for Travelers

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