If you have a fresh idea or an interesting angle for a blog post that would be informative or entertaining to the Américaine in France community, I would love to hear about it and consider your pitch.

Before submitting your pitch, please take note of these guidelines:

1. 100% Original Content

No plagiarism. This includes self-plagiarism: taking sentences from content that you have already published elsewhere.

2. Valuable Content

Articles should have a clear purpose and be a good read for the Américaine in France community. If it’s clear that you’re not familiar with the Américaine in France blog and/or we’ve never interacted on the blog or on social media, it is unlikely that your pitch will be approved.

Posts should be at least 750 words. Photos are encouraged and should not infringe upon any copyright. Include anecdotes, tips, examples, opinions, and facts. Feel free to back up your content with source links. All external links will be marked as “no-follow.”

3. Commercial-Free Content

The focus of the article should be on sharing your insights, experiences, and ideas with the Américaine in France community. This post is not a time to promote a product or service and no affiliate links should be included in the submission. Likewise, your blog/website should not be promoted within the main body of the blog post unless it is particularly relevant or resourceful to readers.

***If you are looking to advertise, please contact me about a sponsored collaboration.

4. Author Credit

Guest Post Writers will receive author credit at the beginning or at the end of the article along with one link to their website. Guest Post Writers may submit a short bio statement of a couple of sentences. This may or may not be used within the author acknowledgment.  

5. Publishing on the Américaine in France Blog

Once the post has been submitted to Américaine in France, it should not be republished anywhere else, in part or in whole. Quotes and links back to the original post are fine. Américaine in France reserves the right to edit Guest Posts where necessary as well as the right to update and refresh posts later for better performance. Every effort will be made to maintain as much of the original content as possible. Américaine in France reserves the right to add their own affiliate links where appropriate.   

These guidelines are subject to change without notice. Last updated: August 31, 2022

Submit your pitch for a guest blog post to ellen [@] americaineinfrance.com or use this contact form.